Mathias Eick and “Oslo”

“Oslo” has become my background music – in Ally McBeal terms- for quite a long time. It is one of the most beautiful songs in Mathias Eick’s album “Skala” released in 2011. Actually, it is a song written for a city but for me it is a little beyond that. I cannot exactly define why but it is like a story or a fairy tale to me, putting me into the mood for dreaming as soon as I hear it. The soft trumpet introduction accompanied by a distant trumpet loop, as if coming from a heavy mist, sets the scene. When the piano enters, followed by the bass and two drummers, the groove embraces you immediately while the beautiful timbre of the piano and the trumpet touches your heart. The rhythm section, making you almost meditate, is great to listen. The song goes on adding layers to the story with Eick’s vocal-like trumpet, riff-driven and arpeggio-driven notes from Ulvo and bassist Audun Erlien, Gard Nilssen and Torstein Lofthus’ powerhouse drumming while inviting you to an unreal world where loose ideas reign. Give it a try and whisper to me whether it hypnotised you or not…



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  1. October 9

    Nice post. I like this album too, especially Day After. Mathias has a real unique tone. Please have a look at Tarantella of Lars Danielsson.

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