Big Beats Big Times Vol. I

Erland Dahlen, Kenny Wollesen, Berke Can Özcan
Erland Dahlen, Kenny Wollesen, Berke Can Özcan

This is from the first gig by Big Beats Big Times consisting of three drummers Kenny Wollesen, Berke Can Özcan and Erland Dahlen. It all started with “So Quiet”, composed by the drummers Berke Can Özcan and Kenny Wollesen. It was a kind of tribute to Gil Scott-Heron. With the addition of Erland Dahlen, “Saw With a Bow” was created, actually with a saw and a bow. It reminded me of Patrick Watson’s drummer Robbie Kuster having used the same kind of approach but Erland Dahlen’s playing was much longer and formed the center melody, which was a tribute  to Theo Angelopoulos. They told us their story through using various percussion (and non-percussion) objects such as bells, leathers, pipes to get a different sound. The tales were set in sunny and lazy soundscape along with stormy weather. Big Beats Big Times is an experimental band without limits. Enjoy the vibration!


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