A Night With Tin Men and the Telephone

Tin Men and the Telephone
Tin Men and the Telephone

Tin Men and the Telephone performed yesterday at Borusan Music House in Istanbul. It was one of the best shows I have seen this year. The band is really good at combining classical, jazz and daily life sounds that we are not aware as we often consider them  unimportant, even frustrating at times. However, when it comes to this performance, one gets amazed at how these sounds can go with jazz so smoothly. I don’t want to tell everything about the concert as one should experience those surprises in the band’s performance. You should definitely see it yourself.

Each member of the band is a master when it comes to instruments. Tony’s piano notes was like a flowing river from the mountains, pitches going up and down and serenity following afterwards. Lucas’s bass riffs were so lively and not easy to catch like that fly in the studio. One should definitely run after him to catch and find himself/herself flying among the notes.  Bobby was like a computer as his transitions from one rhythm to another was so timed and exciting. He was also going between serenity and storm and I got caught in the middle.

It was a memorable performance in terms of music and visuals and how the members of the band reacted to each other. I loved the way they improvise collectively without being irrelevant to each other. The use of electronics is also a must to see as Tony even managed to synchronize the visuals’ movements and the sounds at some point. In short, don’t miss this band if they come around. I won’t! :)

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