Record Store Day at KONTRA PLAK

Record Store Day
Record Store Day

It was 2007 when over 700 independent record stores in the US came together in order to celebrate the vinyl culture, which was named as Record Store Day. On this peculiar day, special vinyl and CD releases and also promotional products that are made exclusively for that day are sold. Independent record stores invite artists to celebrate and cherish music, which includes live performances, meet and greets with artists, and DJs. This year Kontra Plak in Istanbul has also joined the Record Store Day which is on Saturday this week. Here is the schedule for the events that will be held at the store. Enjoy the day!

14:00 utkan la deniz
14:45 TSU! aka James Hakan Dedeoğlu
15:30 Genç Osman
16:15 Selen Gülün
16:45 Tuluğ Tırpan – Engin Recepoğulları
17:15 Melis Danişmend (meet & greet)
17:45 Mira
19:00 İlhan Erşahin – Alp Ersönmez – İzzet Kızıl
20:00 Alphadub – DJ Set –
20:45 Berke Yavuz ( Radyo Babylon – Lounge FM ) – DJ Set
21:45 fasitdaire ( Radyo Babylon – Kontra Plak ) – DJ Set

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