Akbank Jazz Festival one of the most long-running festivals in Turkey, is celebrating its 27th year this year. The festival, which brought together the prestigious names of the jazz world such as Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, McCoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders, Jimmy Smith, Enrico Rava, John Scofield & Joe Lovano, Manu Katché, David Sanborn, will spread different colors of jazz all over the city, between November 3 and 19.


Akbank Jazz Festival, which has a gradually increasing graphic with millions of followers so far, is getting ready for hosting special performances for its 27th year. Among the stars to take the stages, some of the names are; Abdullah Ibrahim, the chief composer-pianist of modern jazz, Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya and Hugh Masekela, consisting of Ekaya, resurrecting the soul of The Jazz Epistles -the first all-black bebop jazz group of South Africa- and Hugh Masekela, another jazz icon of South Africa, Vanessa Rubin, one of the great ambassadors of jazz in the world, Ala.Ni, whose songs have been listened over 2.5 million on digital platforms to date, Wolfgang Muthspiel, one of the jazz guitarists who made marks on his generation, Ecuadorian producer and musician Nicola Cruz, British producer and musician Bonobo, Norwegian tuba player and composer  Daniel Herskedal, instrumentalist and composer Marius Neset, one of the 25 young jazz musicians who are expected to steer the future of jazz, Amina Figarova Sextet, who combines classical music discipline with moving rhythms and bright harmonies, Cuban jazz pianist and composer Alfredo Rodríguez, American drummer and producer Mark Guilliana, British saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings with The Ancestors, consisting of South African musicians, and Red Baraat, one of the important names of Mop Mop and Acid Jazz, combining post-modern jazz style with funk, Afro rhythms and an exotic sounds. The festival, which will host Kenan Doğulu and Sattas under the innovative projects section, will bring together many new Turkish talents such as Emin Fındıkoğlu, İlhan Erşahin, Baki Duyarlar, Çağıl Kaya, Çağrı Sertel and Şenay Lambaoğlu as well as talents of the new generation such as Evrencan Gündüz and Hakan Başar with music lovers.

I will definitely go to Shabaka and the Ancestors and Mark Guilliana Quartet‘s gigs to enjoy their energy, experimental sounds and to get lost in their music path. Seeking for the true musical roots in the spirits calling him through the generations, the British saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings will be performing with his group “The Ancestors” composed of South African musician friends. They will be performing their Wisdom of Elders album that they recorded in Johannesburg in 2016. American drummer and producer Mark Guilliana, who beats life to the veins of jazz techno, will perform at Babylon with a very different, completely acoustic project playing all his own tracks from Family First album, recorded in New York Bunker studios.

I will satisfy my hunger for Scandinavian jazz music with the energetic and open-minded Marius Neset & Daniel Herskedal Duo first (I wish they had brought the all-male chorus with them this time). Next is Ulf & Eric Wakenius. I haven’t listened to them together so it will be a good chance to see what the father and son (also the name of their album) are doing together.

The two other bands on my giglist are Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio and Benedikt Jahnel Trio. Besides being masters on their instruments, Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio has an open-minded approach to music crafting the songs while flowing in the moment. Benedikt Jahnel Trio, on the other hand, has a more classical approach to music but with some odd timings and some complex music writing. It’s all because Jahnel is also a scientist. He’s a researcher at the Weierstrass-Institut Berlin and his area of expertise is on “interacting particle systems in the context of probability theory”, so I would like to see how all this influences his music.

For trumpet lovers like me Christian Scott is right here waiting for us. The innovative jazz player makes difference with the “whisper tone technique” and the ego drive technique as he calls the “forecasting cell” that lifts the band’s improvisation on stage. The artist, who developed a special design trumpet and flugelhorns bringing a new breath to brass instrument world, has two Edison Awards and a Grammy nomination.

And of course my never-ending interest in İlhan Ersahin continues with his another project. He will be playing at the 27th Akbank Jazz Festival together with Dave Harrington (Darkside), a glittering name for the new generation jazz scene who joined İlhan Erşahin for İstanbul Sessions – Solar Plexus album. Without limiting the music to any pattern or time frame, İlhan Erşahin and Dave Harrington will be on Babylon’s scene on Friday, November 3 with their performances following the voice of “present”.

Let the music play!


For more info : http://www.akbanksanat.com/caz/27-akbank-caz-festivali/sanatcilar


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